Creekview HOA Board Nominations
Per Creekview by-laws, the elections in even years are for 2 board positions, and in odd years 3 board positions. However the by-laws also state any interim-appointment (which occurred due to a resignation in 2021) is only in effect until the next general election, and therefore we are adding that nominee to the list.  The vote on this nominee is to complete the remaining one year left to that term.  
Our thanks to our nominating committee chairperson, Julie Waters, and two members, Lindsay Montgomery and Derek Jett.  The nominees to the HOA Board ballot are as follows:
Travis Benge
Rick Spencer
Annalisa Mena (to complete the remaining year of her term)
THANK YOU nominating committee and our 3 nominees!

Please attend our annual meeting to vote in person, or look for proxies in future emails to vote. The meeting date will be finalized and announced no later than next month.

The "Creekview Front Entrance Project" and Requested ARPA funds from City of Coppell
HOA Members - we recognize there may have been some confusion in our Board ask to the City Council on our "Creekview Front Entrance Project".  
"Creekview Front Entrance Project" is the term the HOA Board / City of Coppell  have been using in our conversations to request funds to improve our roadway/infrastructure at our front entrance.   This is NOT an ask to the City for dollars to be spent on any landscaping  / entryway monument updates.    
The City of Coppell has already completed the scope to the "Creekview Front Entrance Project '' and has been identified as a location that should be replaced.  The City did not have existing funds in the current budget to address this, therefore, we are making the ask to use ARPA funds under the Revenue Loss Category to update our streets/sidewalks.  This would include removing the existing pavement at the entryway and sidewalks at entryway and installing new to address the poor pavement conditions.  It also will include adjusting some of the water infrastructure there (water valves and manholes), as well as traffic control to ensure safe vehicular traffic during construction.