We know that complying with Deed Restrictions when planning home additions/improvements can sometimes be confusing.  The HOA Board of Directors guides the Architectural Control Committee to monitor adherence with the Deed Restriction.  The ACC’s goal is to maintain stated standards and general harmony of neighborhood structures.

The Deed Restrictions primarily address projects that are seen from the streets and alleyways. As such, any significant construction activity, visible from streets/alleyways, requiring a builder’s permit or other projects covered by the Deed will require pre-approval from the ACC.

Some of the projects, but not limited to, that come before the Committee include:

  • Adding square footage to your home*
  • Painting exterior brick
  • Installing solar panels
  • Installing Sheds/Gazebos
  • Driveway expansions
  • Replacement/Expansion of fence

*Anyone planning an addition should be aware that under the Deed 70% of the 1st floor and 80% of all exterior elevations must be in brick or stone. The front elevation must be 100% brick or stone.

If you are considering any improvements that may require Committee approval, please feel free to reach out to the ACC prior to any formal application for guidance in the process.  We have a formal application form that will need to be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before any work should be started.

Thank you,
The Architectural Control Committee
Creekview Homeowners’ Association

pdfCreekview Architectural Committee Form.pdf